Elgo P9521

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Elgo P9521 Controller unit is suitable for operation with any type of 2 or 3 speed bi-directional drive or any variable speed drive with 1,2 or 4 quadrant of control. The controller can be used to position machinery to any desired absolute position. Alternatively, the controller can be used to feed material through a process.

  • 2 or 3 speed positioning 
  • Absolute and incremental positioning modes 
  • Program line operation (10 lines) 
  • Operation in Single positioning mode 
  • Manual inching mode (fast and slow speed)
  •  Quantity counting with completed output
  • Flexible multiplier for Display calibration
  • Datum precept routines
  • Tool offset compensation in incremental mode 
  • Incremental error compensation 
  • Backlash compensation 
  • Tolerance window blanking
  • Encoder and drive failure detection
  • Maximum Encoder frequency 20 kHz