HNC Guillotine

Baykal HNC Guillotine

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HNC: Works easily – Reliable processes, high quality. HNC upcut shear with hydraulic angel setting; enable you to process materials in all thicknesses with its user-friendly control panel and flexible software choice. It redounds high productivity, high sensitivity and affective production cost to your production.

  • Rigidly welded all-steel frame construction
  • Design with “variable-rake” concept
  • Adjustment of machine functions with easy-to-use digital control units
  • Extra deep (350 mm) side frame throat gaps allowing continuous strip slitting
  • Backgauge system with ballscrews
  • Backgauge retract function
  • Adjustable stroke length to increase number of strokes on shorter cuts
  • Compact, low-maintenance European hydraulics
  • Hydraulic holddown system
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Centralised manual lubrication system