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Baykal APHS Press Brake

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APHS: Improved ergonomics, reliable processes and high quality. Thanks to its monoblock welded body structure with static and dynamic rigidity, it provides a long operating life. APHS press brake converts your most sensitive works into perfect with reliable processes.

  • Rigidly welded, monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under load.
  • Downstroking bending beam with two cylinders made from high-quality forged steel and precisely honed.
  • Ram travel fully supported in low friction fiber slideways.
  • Full electronic synchronisation with proportional valve technology assuring maximum bend accuracy and repeatability through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelism by a CNC system.
  • Stroke-depth measurement through high-precision linear scales.
  • CNC-controlled backgauge on ballscrew spindles with DC drive.
  • Block-type European hydraulics.
  • Compactly-wired electrical box with ventilation.
  • Full conformity with EC Machinery Directive for safety and certified CE markin