APHS- C Press Brake

Baykal APHS- C Press Brake

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APHS-C: Customized to meet your individual needs. Thanks to its monoblock welded body structure with static and dynamic rigidity, it provides a long operating life. APHS-C press brake converts your most sensitive works into perfect with reliable processes. It brings profit to your company thanks to its economic, ergonomic and multi functional usage.

  • Controller type: Baykal EC4, 4-axis numerical CNC
  • Controllable machine axes: Y1 - Y2 cylinder axes, 2 backgauge axes, Crowning axis
  • Automatic identification of the best bend sequence numerically with collision detection
  • 2D graphic editor for tool data entry
  • Programming of the axis positions with automatic checks; automatic calculation of the R-axis position, bending tonnage and crowning
  • High memory capacity for program steps and tooling data, capacity for 7000 programs and 80-steps in each program, high product number and 99 repeats of each program step
  • FREE 2D graphical programming software to work off-line to create graphical bending files which can be transferred to the controller by USB flash disk
  • Product programming with direct angle input or in absolute dimensions. For each CNC program, the programmable and/or computed functions include: bending length/thickness, material selection, tooling selection, bend method, mute position, pinching point, press force/speed, incremental travel and retraction of backgauge, dwell time, delay time for axes repositioning, decompression speed, tilt adjustment, correction on Y and X axes. Manual operation of backgauge axes
  • 16 selectable languages
  • Memory storage on USB flash disk: information for tooling and programs